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Weaving MAX8
New! NEW! PRE-SIGN UP BEFORE APRIL 21, 2023 € 40.00 + shipping costs. Weaving MAX8 is the new book by Marian Stubenitsky. The name of the
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Janna weaves
The book is chock-full of photos of her scarves with the drafts and descriptions. It includes 72 projects for 8 to 24 shafts, and one for 4 shafts.
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Väv vackert väv enkelt
The book contains patterns for pillowcases and runners and panels. The patterns are worked in differend techniques like monksbelt
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Weaving with Echo and Iris - English
Colorful weave structures that can be woven with parallel threading, starting from a design line. The weavings are for 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 shafts. Sha
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Weaving on three shafts - Erica de Ruiter
Renewed and extended edition in full color, bilingual in Dutch and English. A forty year research on weaving with three shafts. Loom controlled weaves
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Tuskaft Tina Ignell
In the new schwedish book Tuskaft the plain weaving will be presented in more than 60 projects. Also technical tips for dyeing, finishing and more wil
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Stubenitsky Code
The book by Marian Stubenitsky, is about weavings with only one tie shaft. The principle was already discovered by Marian Stubenitsky in 2001, and the
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DOUBLE with a TWIST Marian Stubenitsky
A book about deflected double weave is not yet available. This is an in-depth study into all possible forms of deflected double weave, with different
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TREAD MAGIC Lotte Dalgaard & Paulette Adam
Weaving book with loads of inspiration, theory and practical knowledge. Look into the wonderful world of magical yarns! Create texture and elasticity