New stock Venne Eco Jeans Yarn!

Venne Eco Jeans yarn is one of our most loved and sold yarns!
Last week a large load arrived again so that we have plenty of stock again.
This cool yarn is available in “real” jeans colors, as the jeans are selected by color.
The Venne Eco Jeans Nm 12/2 yarn is recycled from jeans/jeans clothing and used PET bottles. The old clothes are given a second chance thanks to this unique production process. Denim fabric is made very small, but no thread can be spun from this loose fiber. By adding used, finely chopped PET bottles to the loose jeans fiber, a thread can be spun. This results in a unique linen-like thread with a soft structure. Very suitable for knitting, crochet, weaving and even bobbin lace!