GOTS 2022 in the pocket!

Venne Colcoton distinguishes itself as a yarn supplier by having products produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. Every year we are checked whether we meet the strict standards and guidelines of the international GOTS quality mark. This year we again received the coveted GOTS certificate.
But what exactly is the GOTS certificate? GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, is an international quality label for organic textiles. Companies in possession of the GOTS certificate guarantee that production takes place in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Furthermore, strict quality requirements apply to the products. The label is anchored in European legislation. It is managed by the international organization GOTS, which ensures that companies meet the strictest requirements every year.
By choosing our GOTS-certified yarns, you are not only opting for quality, but you are also opting for a product that has been produced under good conditions and sustainably.

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GOTS 2022 in the pocket!
Venne Colcoton distinguishes itself as a yarn supplier by having products produced in an
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