In the early eighties, René van der Venne started a business for spinning and weaving products in the shed of his half-timbered farm.

Lessons were given in both crafts. René was trained in weaving at the Henry Story Institute in Ghent-Belgium.

After a few years he started a wholesale business with a number of articles, including weaving reeds. The demand for yarn continued to grow, but many wholesalers closed their doors. Partly because of this development, he imported yarns from Scandinavia in particular. Shortly afterwards he developed his own line of natural yarns, under the name Venne yarns, which is becoming increasingly known both within and outside Europe.

Company profile

With the takeover of the Colcoton-Unikat Garn company in 1997, yarns became the main product. In several countries we have commissioned spinning mills to spin the yarns and dye factories to dye them in the Venne colors. The company name changed to Venne-Colcoton Unikat, mainly to remain recognizable.

The final processing of the yarns takes place in a professional manner in various steps within the company. Venne yarns are used worldwide with great enthusiasm.